Intercontinental Energy is a privately owned developer of large-scale intercontinental renewable energy hubs. Incorporated in 2014 by a team with decades of experience investing in renewable energy, technology, and infrastructure projects; Intercontinental Energy is developing several renewable energy hubs around the world, with the Asian Renewable Energy Hub as its most advanced project.

The Asian Renewable Energy Hub is one of the most exciting energy projects in the world, with the potential to address key energy security and emissions reduction challenges facing Australia’s regional neighbors. It will create significant new manufacturing opportunities in Western Australia and will generate inexpensive clean power for the Pilbara region. Inexpensive clean energy can enable new and expanded mines, downstream mineral processing, and large scale production of green hydrogen products for domestic and export markets.

The Asian Renewable Energy Hub is being developed by a consortium of global energy leaders including InterContinental Energy, CWP Energy Asia, Vestas, and Macquarie.

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